Review + Swatches: MORPHE BRUSHES 35F FALL INTO FROST Eyeshadow Palette | Singapore



It took me really long to jump onto the Morphe bandwagon, most probably due to mixed reviews! But now, I’ve tried it for myself and if you are still hesitating, just give my blog post a couple of minutes! You’ll thank me later ^^

Of course Morphe Brushes was famous for 35O palette that I’m sure everyone has heard of it. No doubt, I should try that first. But this 35F palette is so good, I’m sure 35O will be even better.


posted IMG_5171.JPG


consists mostly of pink and purple shimmer shades, which is totally the craze right now.


posted IMG_6166.JPG


Let’s take a look at the swatches starting from the top row 🙂

posted IMG_6173.JPG

posted IMG_6174.JPG

posted IMG_6175.JPG

posted IMG_6176.JPG

posted IMG_6178.JPG


The shimmers are amazing! They feel super soft and pigmented. The color payoff is excellent. You might experience some fall-outs.

The mattes are pretty nice too. Definitely not the best matte eyeshadows, but they are pigmented enough for me. I usually use them as transition shades only. I would say, the matte colourpop pressed shadows are better than these morphe ones.

Having said that, I would totally get this Morphe 35F palette for the shimmery shades alone because they are so good!

Verdict: If you have yet to try Morphe eyeshadows, do give them a shot! It is very affordable for so many shade selections. Totally worth it!

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