Top 6 Must- Have Sunblock for OILY SKIN | Singapore

Are you guilty of skipping sunblock?

Did you know that it is very important to apply sunblock or sunscreen every single day? I would classify sunblock as part of skincare, and not part of makeup. I know many oily skin type girls (even normal/dry skin types) out there tend to shy away from sunblock because it will make us look shiny or clog our pores! So here’s my TOP 6 recommended sunblock for oily skin! 🙂

1. LANEIGE All Day Anti-Pollution Defensor SPF30 PA++


According to Laneige, this works as a primer against dust and sunblock. For me, I like to think of this as a sunblock. The SPF is pretty low here but I don’t mind because I usually use this before my foundation. Plus, I’m usually indoors anyways. I do use this pretty often in the evenings, around dinner time when I’m not wearing makeup. I’m not too sure if it did block any dust, but I’ll try to pay more attention to that. Overall, a great primer as well because it made my foundation apply nicer. And a nice sunblock that doesn’t make me look shiny.

2. LANEIGE Light Sun Fluid SPF50+ PA+++


Like the name suggests, this is indeed a light weight sunblock, which has a liquidity consistency. This is specifically for oily skin types. It doesn’t feel greasy or makes my skin shiny. It absorbs into the skin quickly and it’s great to use this before makeup. More importantly, it doesn’t clog my pores. I highly recommend you to check this out!

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3. NEUTROGENA UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF50++


This is a good sunblock when I’m out exercising under the hot sun! It has the typical white appearance and you will need to spread it out evenly. The SPF coverage is good enough for an hour’s exercise. It doesn’t clog my pores. However, it does slightly leave streaky marks when you perspire. But this doesn’t bother me, as I will gently dab the sweat away.

4. RMK UV Face Protector SPF50+PA++++


This sunblock has a very light consistency. It absorbs quickly into the skin and it’s nice to use this before foundation. It doesn’t clog my pores and make me look shiny. However, it does have an alcohol-ish scent… though it doesn’t linger.

5. ORIGINS Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Defense Advanced Daily UV Defender SPF45/ PA++++


This sunblock has a liquidity consistency but does have the tacky texture, like most sunblock. It feels pretty similar to the Laneige Anti-Pollution Defensor. Both take some time for the sunblock to be absorbed into the skin, as compared to Laneige Light Sun Fluid. However, this sunblock doesn’t clog my pores and is great for oily skin types. It is pretty small in size, so it’s great to put in your bag for touch-ups or travel.

6. ORIGINS Dr. Andrew Mega-Defense Barrier-Boosting Eye Cream SPF20/PA++

posted IMG_4153.JPG

Thanks to Origins, I am now aware that my sensitive eye area needs SPF protection too. I quite like the idea that this keeps my eye area moisturised and protected from harmful UV rays. It kinda saves time applying once rather than using 2 products separately. For my busy ladies out there, I highly recommend you to check out this product! It has a typical eye cream consistency. A little goes a long way.


I just wanna quickly share my thoughts on Innisfree No-Sebum Sunblock (which I do not have it anymore). To cut the chase, I was pretty disappointed with the No-Sebum Sunblock. Trust me, as much as I love Innisfree and especially the No-Sebum range, I wanted to love this sunblock. I wanted it to be a new discovery. But nah, it clogged my pores really badly. It just wasn’t worth using it and clogging my pores. So yup! If you love this sunblock, do share your thoughts with me! Maybe my skin isn’t meant to be with this!😂

Hope this blog post is helpful to my oily skin girlfriends (which you do not have to feel embarrassed about)! Do let me know if you have tried other brands/ products! I would love to try more! 🙂

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