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Hey everyone! It’s 5.40am and I can’t sleep, so I figured I’ll shall blog about one of my must have items on my vanity these days.

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Laneige has recently launched the SKIN VEIL BASE CUSHIONS in No.60 Light Green & No.40 Light Purple. These are essentially color correcting + primer speed tone-up products in cushion form! Yay if you’re a cushion addict! ^^

No.40 Light Purple


Despite wearing a lot of makeup, I never really used concealer under my eyes. So when Laneige came out with the Skin Veil Base Cushion to correct dullness, I was like “oh yay, finally I’m be able to brighten up my undereyes”. Because why? It’s a cushion, it’s from Laneige and I’ve no excuses to be lazy anymore. I’m a huge fan of cushions btw, they are just so so convenient.


The Skin Veil Base Cushion looks just like your usual BB Cushion, except its in lilac/ light purple. And we all know that purple helps counter dullness/yellow-ness.

You might think that the coverage isn’t thick enough. But for someone like me, who doesn’t conceal the undereyes, saw a huge difference. It instantly brightens up the undereye area. It feels magical somehow, that a cushion that has such a faint lilac shade can do for your undereyes.

Now? How good is exactly the coverage?

Well, like I’ve said I don’t conceal my undereyes, so if you are someone like me, this will be a true breakthrough for you. If you do not have time in the morning, this will be your saviour. Simply dab b/4 foundation. Instead of using concealer, then bake your undereyes etc.

If you love super full coverage, I don’t think you will like it. Meaning to say, just like how the coverage on a bb cushion is usually not as good as compared to foundation.

However, having said that, many of us do not wear super full coverage on a daily basis. Therefore, this Skin Veil Base Cushion is great for a daily basis.

So yup, this cushion is amazing! But if you want full coverage, a concealer (as the name suggests) will be more ideal.

Personally for me, I do not need full coverage for my undereyes on a daily basis. But I still like to look fresh and awake. Laneige Skin Veil Base Cushion (No.60 Light Purple) does the job and has definitely made it to my daily makeup routine.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I’ve dull spots around the edges of my mouth. And I really saw a huge difference in reliving the dullness.

No.60 Light Green


While light purple corrects dullness/yellow, light green corrects redness. Redness on the skin affects both oily and dry skin types. It generally affects almost everyone, especially if you have sensitive skin. For me, I have small pimples on my face almost forever, and I like to dab this onto areas where I’ve pimples, just to reduce to the redness.


I find it very effective and kinda preps my skin for concealer. It does not cause my concealer to slide off etc. It absorbs into the skin quickly.

Here’s a closer look at both shades.



Don’t be surprised by how much these “fainted” shades can help color correct your skin tone.


both Skin Veil Base Cushions are suitable for all skin types. It has a wet kind of texture, but not liquidity like a foundation if you get what I mean. It’s like your typical BB Cushion. It settles into your skin quickly. It does not make me look oily/greasy after a long day.

Overall, I highly recommend you to check these out because it feels amazing on the skin and it color corrects my skin tone. Great for traveling too, especially if you don’t wanna wear makeup and just wanna cover those redness/dullness.

Retails for SGD48. Available at Laneige counters, boutiques, Lazada*

Let me know your thoughts – yay or nay? Have you tried them out?

*Lazada Promo: Quote < BWCLAZ > to enjoy additional 5% off if you shop Laneige products. T&Cs apply.


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