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HI EVERYONE! Sorry for the lack of updates… I’ve been off the blog grid for around a month because… just because… Anyway, I’m sure you are more interested in my thoughts on Mamonde True Color Lipstick!


But first, Mamonde Singapore has recently opened their 1st beauty counter at Tangs VivoCity!! For those who aren’t familiar with Kbeauty, Mamonde is a Korean Beauty brand inspired by the hidden secret of flowers.  I am still very excited about it because it hasn’t always been easy finding Mamonde products here in Singapore! But fret not, Mamonde Singapore is working very hard to bring in more makeup items *scream for eyeshadow palettes + rose blushes* (Coming soon). Also, if VivoCity is too far for you, you can get selected Mamonde products on LazadaSG.



It is a matte lipstick that contains “Silk Gel” which is filled with highly moisturizing oil ingredients to coat the lip surface naturally upon application. As a result, unlike other matt lipsticks, it offers a truly matt finish and long-lasting moisture for deep inside the lips. It has incomparably vivid colors and a smooth velvet texture.

*Scroll for lip swatches ok! P.S you can only get these at Mamonde, Tangs VivoCity

No.3 Holic

If you love bright pink lipsticks, you will totally enjoy this one. It has a bright bubblegum pink color that instantly makes you look young and vibrant. However, this lip shade makes my teeth look super yellow. *so… i’m inspired to try the teeth whitening kit, any recommendations?*

No.9 Some

When I was at Mamonde Counter, this shade immediately caught my eye. It’s that perfect everyday lip shade. I really enjoy this shade and I highly recommend you to check this out 🙂


I’m not too sure if you can still get this, but this particular shade has Park Shin Hye’s signature. So if ya interested, better hurry!

No.19 For You

Out of all 3 shades, this is my favorite shade! ^^ To be honest, I didn’t think I will like this shade that much. I bought it because it is one of Park Shin Hye’s favorites and I don’t have many of such shades in my collection. I thought it was too brown for me…? But omg, I LOVE IT! It has the famous “dried rose” shade and it’s perfect for everyday too. It looks very flattering on my skin tone. It isn’t too brown, in fact not brown at all on me. If you don’t have such a shade in your collection, do yourself a favor and get this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ^^



These lipsticks indeed have a velvety matte finish. It kinda gives off the powdery matte lips look.

It feels very smooth on the lips. However, if you have very dry chapped lips, it might cling onto the dry patches. You might get away if you use a darker shade. But it’s best to always exfoliate and hydrate your lips well, regardless of lipstick 🙂

The color payoff is also very true to what you see and looks pigmented on the lips.

In terms of longevity, even though it has a matte finish, it does transfers. It leaves a faint stain on the lips and you will need to re-apply after a meal. If you want something that leaves a nice stain on your lips, I recommend you to check out the Highlight Lip Tint instead 🙂

Overall, I love these lipsticks because I love how it looks on the lips – that powdery matte look and feels super light-weight on the lips. The shade selection is also super to my liking. If you are a fan of Korean lip styles, you will get what I mean. OH, and they are also very easy to use and create the Korean gradient lip effect!

Retails for SGD24. Available at Tangs VivoCity.


mamonde gss

Drop by the Mamonde counter at Tangs VivoCity for more GSS exclusive promo sets! Starting July.


And don’t forget to check out my other reviews! Clickable direct links down below! Don’t just leave yet…. 😀



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