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Hey everyone! Recently, I have been focusing a lot on my skincare routine because I’m scared that my skin will age too fast! 😦  I am always 101% excited whenever a brand releases new sheet masks! I’m a SHEET MASK ADDICT!! Of course, Origins has launched their own FLOWER FUSION HYDRATING SHEET MASKS last month!

Origins FLOWER FUSION HYDRATING SHEET MASKS are entirely made out of natural bamboo, so they feel super soft on your skin. These sheet masks are made out of flower wax, a natural by-product of essential oil distillation. There are in total 6 flower infused masks – each formulated with pure flower extracts and natural essential oils. And let’s take a look at them!


Jasmine “Queen of the Night” – soothe tension and softens skin

Lavender – calm and soothing

Orange Flower – elevates mood and positivity (sounds like a plan to use this every Monday morning)


Rose – provides hydration

Raspberry Flowers – has a woody scent that refreshes skin and senses

Violets – high levels of Vitamin A and C to naturally nourishes skin


I am wearing ROSE sheet mask as I’m typing out my thoughts right now. These sheet masks are indeed very hydrating and contain a lot of essence! It stands true to the product description that the infused essential oils made me feel very calm and relax! Imagine how relaxing it is for my skin! It feels very soft on my skin too. This is definitely a very relaxing yet effective sheet mask to put on after a good long day! 

I am wearing LAVENDER sheet mask right now. It’s night time by the way. Similarly, the scent of the essential oil makes me feel so calmed. It feels so relaxing and I’m sure my skin feels the same way too. My skin feels super moisturised already. Though abrupt, but goodnight for now!☺️

I am wearing ORANGE sheet mask right now. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the scent. It has an oriental orange scent? But if the scent doesn’t bother you, it is still a very good moisturising sheet mask!

I am wearing RASPBERRY sheet mask right now. It has the kind of scent similar to ORANGE and I’m not exactly a huge fan of it. Likewise, it’s still a great moisturising and soothing sheet mask!

I’ll update as I continue to use the rest! 😜

Retails for SGD5 per sheet. Exclusive to Sephora stores.

And don’t forget to check out my other reviews! Clickable direct links down below! Don’t just leave yet…. 😀



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