Day Time Skincare Routine For Oily Skin Types ft. Avene, SKII, Nature Republic & Laneige

Hey guys! Today, I will be talking about my Day Time Skincare Routine. If you don’t know, I live in a humid country called Singapore. The weather is sunny 365 days all year round! As such, it’s very common for girls like me to have oily skin types. So, I’ll be sharing the types of products that I’ve been using to cleanse my skin!

Starting with a little history of my skin type…

I started suffering from acne when I was in Junior College/ 17 years old. I had oily skin and acnes were popping everywhere. It was really upsetting. I didn’t know how to combat and cleanse my skin well so I guess that added to the problem.

I was then introduced to this brand called Avene. It was founded in a small village of Southern France. To cut the story short, Avene takes pride in the Thermal Spring Water to design formulas to soothe the most sensitive skin. To learn more, click here.

*Important Disclaimer*Ā Please read.

I hope my post can provide some guidance for those who experience acne and oily skin. Please always conduct further research or seek professional advise before using these products. Each individual has different skin types. My statements and opinions are in no way a substitution for professional medical advice.

Ok nuff’ said, you get the driftšŸ˜‚ Ā Please proceed only if you are comfortable with the above disclaimer!šŸ˜ƒ

Step 1:

I started using Avene’s Cleanance Cleansing Gel to cleanse my skin. It basically contains Thermal Spring Water that provides soothing and anti-irritating benefits. It has a gel consistency and watery in texture. It is very gentle, yet leaves the skin clean.

How to use: Always wash your hands before cleansing. You can damp your face first and just slowly massage the gel cleaner onto your skin. And just rinse thoroughly.

I’ve been using this cleanser since then (OMG, 9 years!!). My acne stopped when I was around 20 years old. But I still continued to use this product because it helped to control the sebum produced. I was tempted to try other brands but I can’t find anything that is as gentle as this cleanser.

On the side note, this cleanser comes in two forms – No Rinse Cleansing Water (right) and Soapless Gel (left).


No Rinse Cleansing Water

The name is slightly different, so you gotta check before picking it up. It can look really similar on the shelf since it’s the only bottle that looks green:)

How to use: As you can see from the picture below, the cleansing water has no color. Just simply pour the product onto the cotton pad and wipe your face gently. Amount depends on your skin condition (i.e wore makeup before that, after a long day outside or when you wake up in the morning)

Personally, I prefer using the Cleanance Gel because I feel “cleaner” by washing my face. Plus, it feels more refreshing and awake! Don’t get me wrong, both products serve the same purpose. It’s all about your own preference!:) The Cleansing Water will be perfect if you are unable to access clean water (i.e on the airplane, traveling or countryside) or if you are just lazy…


Step 2:

After cleansing, it is very important to always moisturize your face to replenish the loss of moisture. I use Avene’s Cleanance Mat Mattifying Toner to remove any impurities left on my face and tighten up the pores. This toner is very gentle, like all Avene products. It does not sting or overly tighten my skin at all. You know some toners have so much alcohol content and it just makes your skin feeling super tight… But this toner is really soothing for the skin and does leave a mattifying effect.


Step 3:

To further pamper your skin, I would encourage you to incorporate Essence/Serum into your daily skin care routine. I know you must be wondering why use so many products or add moisture when the skin is already so oily. But don’t forget, oily skin types derive from the lack of moisture inside the skin, that’s why the skin is producing all that sebum to protect the skin. And so, how does Essence help you? Essence or Serum basically helps your moisturizer (next step) to get absorb into the skin much better.

I haven’t explored much but I’ve been using SKII Facial Treatment Essence (Click here to read more) and I must say it’s really good. Despite the hefty price tag, the SKII Facial Treatment Essence does “clears” up the skin. I find that my skin has improved a lot from all the acne scars and blemishes. It became more radiant and clear. (P.S There’s always a reason why people raved so so much about it). Anyway, I shall not elaborate much on this as I’ve another post about it coming up later (*Will update here once it’s up)

Available at Sephora SG/ Isetan/ Tangs/ TAKA/ Metro


Step 4:

Moving on, it is very important to always moisturize your face after cleansing. Please do not leave this step out, especially if you think your skin is very oily. I get it, really. But please don’t skip this step. Along with the Avene Oily & Acne Prone range comes with the Cleanance Mat Mattifying Emulsion, which is also the moisturizer in this series. I have used this for a couple of years but I have switched to different brands 1 or 2 years ago. This emulsion is pretty good but after using it for so many years, I find that it isn’t moisturizing enough. After controlling sebum for so many years, my skin is slowly changing towards combination skin type. So I figured I needed something more moisturizing.

I have tried Laneige’s Water Bank Gel CreamĀ (Available on Sephora SG). It’s nice and comfortable but still it does not moisturize enough, my skin feels a little tight/dry?

Then I came across Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max Fresh Watery Cream (oily skin/blue container). In this series, they have versions for dry and normal skin types too.

It has a gel consistency, super light weight and MOISTURIZING.

{Tip: Look for gel moisturizers compared to cream types because the consistency is lighter and does not clog pores}

I just started using my third bottle now and I love it. It is also very suitable for the humid weather in Singapore.Ā Note: Nature Republic isn’t available here in Singapore but you can find their products on Althea SG.
This pretty much sums up my day time skin care routine for oily and acne prone skin types. I hope it gives you an idea of how to take care of your skin. Also, hope it will be helpful to those who are on a hunt for new skin care products. Like I’ve emphasized earlier, do not skip the moisturizer because that is the core of oily skin types. Just to add on, my skin has slightly tilted towards combination skin type, with oily yet dry skin at my nose area. These products are unable to change my skin type (it’ll never change, just improve). So just do keep that in mind, these products aren’t gonna miraculously give you flawless skin, yeah…

*Avene products are available online and in stores at Watsons and Guardian.

Hope this post is helpful to those who do not know how to cleanse your face/ products to use! If you have used any of these products before, please feel free to share your own experience down below in the comment section!

Alternatively, catch me on my social media platforms for more beauty inspirations:) Come say hi, yeah? šŸ˜€

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*Important Disclaimer*Ā Please read.

I hope my post can provide some guidance for those who experience acne and oily skin. Please always conduct further research or seek professional advise before using these products. Each individual has different skin types. My statements and opinions are in no way a substitution for professional medical advice.

This post is not sponsored. All products were purchased with my own money.Ā All opinions stated are my own.

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